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 Judge Adel

adel-big2.jpg​ Novelty​ of the Dubai strategic plan of 2015 in regards of the security, justice and safety sector and including raising public awareness of rights, duties and obligations facing various situations of day to day life that are a law violation and providing guidance in a likable set. Promoting the concept of law is a key part in our behavior amongst family & surrounding environment. Spreading lawful culture in the community for a positive impact on the individual and society in general. Law is a concern of all governmental departments.

​ The concept characters:  Adel: 35 years old Judge, light beard, demure, social, intelligent  and has a sense of humor.

Wife (Um Khalid): 32 years old, housewife, wise.

Daughter (Methaa) 12 years old, covered, social and mature

Son (Khalid)  10 years old, naughty, loves soccer, wears all types of clothes (traditional and westen)

Son (Mansour) 8 years old.