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 Training Management System

Dubai Judicial Institute launched the program (TRAINING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM). This Application is considered one of the most sophisticated programs in Training operations management that serve all training pillars of trainers, trainees and training packages etc…

The electronic training program (TMS) offer several important services:​

-       Register trainers individually for the e-programs through password.

-       Register governmental institutes and entities' employees electronically through password.

-       Notify registers at in the programs of registry possibility and availability.

-       Marketing programs and services provided by the Institute of the training programs.

-       Vocational and career diplomas, conferences and symposiums.

-       Information about the Institute's' monthly programs.

-       Information to al details regarding the programs' content, trainees and locations.

-       SMS service via the electronic platform.

-       Trainee's ability to evaluate the programs and offer suggestions and comments.

-       Reports of monthly prizes for trainees with all details.

-       Reports of data and statistics of the training and trainees electronic evaluations.


To access the TRAINING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Kindly click the following link