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 About Training Department

About Training Department

Proceeding from our mission at the Institute is the training and development department to provide the members of the judiciary and the legal community to the best vocational training and continuous development to equip them with the relevant projects of modern knowledge to reach out to more members of the judiciary slice a desire to meet their training needs without overlook continue to raise the level of legal awareness of the community all , and through the stomach as the following programs:

1. Continuous training programs.
2. specialized professional diplomas, namely:

· Find Diploma and legal drafting skills.
· Family Guidance diploma.
· The rehabilitation of family arbitrators diploma.
· Rehabilitation of authorized legitimate diploma.
· Islamic Economics diploma.

3. programs on demand.
4. legal awareness programs.
5. Islamic Economics programs.
6. legal programs in English.
7. Judicial Council leadership and development programs.
8. conferences and forums.


Trainers Institute:

Builds Institute credibility from recruiting and attracting the best specialized competencies in human resources development and training in the legal, judicial and judicial fields, based on the base of trainers and consultants in the various disciplines, and what distinguishes coaches Institute that most of them members of the judiciary Outstanding who occupy leadership positions in the justice sector and well-known long experience in the field of work and in the development and implementation of programs and workshops related to refining the skills and knowledge of the trainees, as there is of the Institute faculty specialized to hold legal programs are important members of the most in demand for targeted, and our belief in Dubai Judicial Institute and ensure that we develop our trainers that contribute in the development of trainees and careful to meet their training needs in dire need of qualified instructors for the transfer of knowledge, experiences and skills. The Institute is the implementation of specialized programs for trainers for the development of skills training, such as training of trainers, guidance and counseling and preparation of training packages, and other leadership programs.​​​​